New Releases: State of Grace (Taylor Swift)


I’m just going to say it. I’m a pretty huge fan of T.Swift. My loyalty goes back to 2006 when she still had adorable curly hair all the time. I even got to meet her when she opened for Rascal Flatts in 2008. Probably one of the greatest moments of my adolescence right up there with getting my braces off after 4 years.

For those of you living in darkness with no television or Internet, Taylor is releasing her fourth album RED next week. For the past few weeks she has been releasing one track every Tuesday to keep her die-hard fans at bay (guilty). This week we got “State of Grace.” I thought her other early release tracks were pretty promising (minus I Knew You Were Trouble, dubstep is not a good look for her). But “State of Grace” hit me hard with the emotions and visuals and took me to a different place.

The place I’m talking about is standing under someone’s two story bedroom window with a boom box raised over my head, John Cusack style. That’s the first image I got when listening to this track. It has a rock-epic-anthemic feel that is still strongly pop and somehow Taylor Swift-ish. And who doesn’t swoon over John Cusack?

To everyone trying to release music in the next few months, I’m sorry but the weight of Taylor’s album sales will probably crush you in your sleep. That is not an opinion, but a fact. Please reference her week one sales with her Speak Now album in 2010. Sorry fellas.

“Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right.”


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