Raging 20’s: Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go


Some days, your half asleep self decides to turn off all of the alarms on your iPhone. Sometimes, this makes you wake up 2 hours later than you should have.

All of this more than likely happens on a Wednesday because that’s what Wednesday’s do to people.

Attempt 1-4

Attempt 5-8

However, I managed to conquer the all allusive question of “how can I dry my sopping wet hair?” when this happened to me this hump day.

Simply, roll down your driver side window and let the wind from the 101 freeway be your blow dryer. While this seemed like the perfect Southern-California-wind-in-my-hair-down-the-sunny-freeway moment for approximately 3 seconds, it quickly turned knotty. As in my hair managed to turn into one solid knot.

So if anyone can invent a car window detangler, I think we may be onto something. I’m talking big money here.

As a side note, I have stick straight hair. I would not recommend this method for someone with curly hair. If my stick straight hair turned into a knotty mess, only the all knowing hair gods know what would happen to a Curly-Q.


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