Domestic Girl 101: Iced Coffee


So here’s the infomercial pitch. “Don’t you HATE when the ice cubes in your iced coffee melt and water your coffee down??? Doesn’t it just RUIN your entire day??? NOW IT DOESN’T HAVE TO! I give you, ICE CUBES MADE OF COFFEE.”

8th World Wonder.

I’m not the greatest cook. Of anything. The extent of my skills range from pasta and scrambled eggs to a turkey sandwich and salad in a tupperwear box. Thanks to Pinterest and my mother, I can now add Iced Coffee Cubes to my extensive list of cooking abilities.

But really, this is life changing. And it’s so easy even I couldn’t mess it up.

DIRECTIONS: Brew a cup of jo, put it in the fridge for 30, pour it into ice cube trays.

Only down side is they are a little tricky trying to get out of ice cube trays, so after a failed attempt of trying to wrestle them out with my hands I decided to swallow my pride and use a butter knife.

Not pictured: butter knife.

Coffee note: I would recommend putting in a little extra milk. When the cubes melt, its straight coffee. Check yo-self before you wreck yo-self.

Mental note: after failed attempt of wrestling cubes out of tray, wash hands before putting cubes back in freezer.


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