Vinyl Revival: Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)


I’m a vinyl junkie. One of my favorite Sunday activities involves scouring the flea markets for new records and then rushing home to hear the first few crackles. Since this is my first post about a vinyl album EVER I decided it has to be my favorite record EVER.

Story time. I have a weird love/obsession of Stevie Nicks. I was at the Melrose and Fairfax flea market on my 20th birthday and all of the sudden BOOM. I found Rumours.  I had been searching for it for what seemed like an eternity and then all of the sudden there it was, as if Stevie herself had wanted me to find it on my birthday. I took it as a rock and roll omen to be awesome. Stevie never steers me wrong.

The Hits: Go Your Own Way (#10), Don’t Stop (#3), Dreams (#1), You Make Loving Fun (#9)

Sarah’s Top 3 (which is painfully hard on this record because the whole thing is musical genius): Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Songbird

Cool Things: Rumours has sold 40 million albums world wide. “Dreams” was Fleetwood Mac’s one and only US #1 on Billboard. “Go Your Own Way” was written by Lindsey Buckingham about his relationship with Stevie Nicks.

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac (1977 on Warner Bros Records)


1. Second Hand News (Lindsey Buckingham)

2. Dreams (Stevie Nicks)

3. Never Going Back Again (Buckingham)

4. Don’t Stop (Christine McVie)

5. Go Your Own Way (Buckingham)

6. Songbird (McVie)

7. The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)

8. You Make Loving Fun (McVie)

9. I Don’t Want To Know (Nicks)

10. Oh Daddy (McVie)

11. Gold Dust Woman (Nicks)


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