Wednesday’s are my least favorite day of the week so each Wednesday I make it a point to make myself laugh until my stomach hurts to get through hump day. Today’s hump day cure is a little Modern Family.

I adore Modern Family almost as much as I love my cat, which is A LOT. My favorite character hands down is Phil Dunphy. His outrageously hilarious yet casual personality makes me want him to be a weird uncle I never had.

I finally caught up on my Tivo from last week and fell in love with Phil even more than I thought possible when he gave Haley a book of his Phil’s-osophy as an advice book when she left for college. Because I think everyone needs a little Phil Dunphy in their life and today is hump day, I give you Phil’s-osophy.


  1. “When you get pulled over for speeding, tell the policeman your spouse has diarrhea.”
  2. “Take a lesson from the parakeets. If you are very lonely, just eat in front of the mirror.”
  3. “Never be afraid to reach for the stars. Because even if you fall, you will always be wearing a Parent-chute.”
  4. “Marry someone who looks sexy while disappointed.”
  5. “Older black ladies make the best iced tea.”
  6. “Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration and 2% attention to detail.”
  7. “You can tell a lot about a person from his biography.”
  8. “Watch a sunrise at least once a day.”
  9. “If you love someone, set it free, unless it is a tiger.”
  10. “If you are ever in a jam, a crayon scrunched under your nose makes a good pretend mustache.”
  11. “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like “What?!”“

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