Real Talk: Hurricane Sandy


Note: This is not real.

All day news of Hurricane Sandy has been flooding my social media outlets. I even watched the live feed through the Weather Channel online and saw Al Roker almost get swept out to sea. (As a side note, why do they always think the reporter has to be ON SCENE during life threatening weather conditions? )

I also saw news of a man jet skiing through the New York Harbor and another man with a horse mask on running through the streets of Manhattan (he is being called Hurricane Horse).

It is being reported that all of lower Manhattan has lost power and people have stocked up on food and other incidentals in case the situation gets any worse over the next few days. My thoughts and positive vibes are with the east coast, especially the Cali-kids who now live over there. God only knows how they are handling this being that all they know are how to hide under desks when there are earthquakes.

Being born and raised a Cali-kid myself, I decided to make a list for myself of things I would buy if I was ever in a dire situation like Sandy.

1. Lots of pre-made cookies. You’ve got to keep your sugar levels up in times of crisis. No one needs you to be passing out if the situation takes a turn for the worse.

2. Contact solution. No one needs an unnecessary blind person to keep track of.

3. Deodorant/dry shampoo. A flood is no excuse for not taking care of your hygiene problems. It’s the 21st century, we have means to keep ourselves smelling half decent.

4. Hot plate. Ramen lasts FOREVER.

5. Battery pack generators. For #4.

6. Water bottles. Duh.

7. Protein bars. I feel like these also never go bad and will get you through a few days if absolutely necessary.

8. Deck of cards. Electricity is most likely out and duck duck, goose gets old really fast.

9. Scrabble Dictionary/Scrabble game. For when someone throws your deck of cards out the window after losing 14 rounds of war.



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