New Releases: Taylor Swift – Red


So it’s been a little over a week since Red was released. I’ve listened through the record multiple times and have decided that TSwizzle is a business/marketing genius in addition to her disgustingly good talent at crafting catchy pop songs. WARNING: This is a longer post because with albums, I like to really get into it and it can take a little longer. Bear with me, you will get candy at the end.

For me personally, it will always be hard to top the Fearless record released in 2008, but after sitting with Red for a week, I think she came pretty close. Red shows Taylor’s maturity relationship wise and concept wise in some (but not all) of the new songs on the record. Unlike Speak Now which Taylor wrote all by her lonesome, on Red she went back to co-writing and this time brought in some music big shots like Max Martin & Shellback (Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha), Chris Lightman of Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran, and Dan Wilson (who most recently found success with Adele).

Besides having an album with an unheard of 16 tracks, she also had massive deals with Target, Walgreens, Walmart, iTunes, and Papa Johns for her opening week to insure the most album sales possible. Who doesn’t want bonus tracks or a pizza with their new Taylor Swift album?

Specific “extras” were given to each outlet to encourage people to buy from only those retailers. The album wasn’t even available on Spotify, Amazon MP3 or Google Play who only let listeners either stream or buy the album at a discounted price. Markting and creative genius I’m telling you.

Love her, hate her, whatever. She’s going to be around for a while so you might as well give in to the Taylor Takeover and dance around like a fool while you scream “I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I’M FEELING 22” in your living room. I guarantee you most of America has/will be dancing to it.


Singles (so far): We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (#1 Hot 100), Begin Again

Possible Singles: Red, I Knew You Were Trouble, Everything Has Changed, 22, All Too Well

Sarah’s Top 5: State of Grace, All Too Well, 22, Holy Ground, Begin Again (Bonus: Everything Has Changed)

Fun Facts: Taylor sold a record setting 1.2 million copies in her first week, the first time ever a female artist has had 2 albums (Speak Now, Red) sell over a million copies in their first week of sales. It has also become the first album since 2002 to sell that many units in its first week. The album debuted 5 more new singles to the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week in addition to the previous singles, giving Taylor 10 songs from Red so far to chart on the Hot 100.



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