40 Days and 40 Nights


Well it’s actually a little less than that now. 40 days left of being a college student. Exciting and terrifying and emotional are constantly running through my thoughts along with, “I actually have to fully embrace the real world now.” In remembrance of my time in college I have decided to compile a list of a few things I’m going to miss the most about student life.

1. Not starting the day until 1pm

2. Watching the walk of shames puke in the bushes while they walk back to their dorm room

3. Using clips from The Office to back up ideas and theories

4. Free chasers from the cafeteria

5. Midnight breakfast before finals week


7. Student discounts on everything

8. Having a “strut off” to *NSYNC’s “Dirty Pop”

9. Having it be acceptable to look like a homeless person on a daily basis

10. Showing up to a final 30 minutes late and getting an A

11. Getting credit for a class called Images and Identity; Voices and Choices

12. Writing a 9 page paper on Shania Twain and Taylor Swift

13. Life talks about changing the world as a 19 year old

14. Taking a Philosophy class and saying things that you know make no sense

15. Winning an award for doing absolutely nothing

I love you college. The lifestyle at least. We’ve had a good run. I’m going to miss you.

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