It’s My Half-Birthday!


I take birthday’s pretty seriously. Balloons, cake, cupcakes, party, cocktails, crowns, the whole shebang.  Today is my half birthday and I’m not quite sure if celebrating is appropriate unless it includes eating half a cupcake or only wearing half a tiara. Since I believe has many relevant pop culture definitions, I turned to them today for the appropriate definition for a half-birthday and this is what they gave me.

Half Birthday – a day approximately six months before or after the real anniversary of a person’s birth. Typically celebrated by people who feel they are twice as important as everyone else or people who want to get more presents by coming up with a lame excuse.

Obviously whoever wrote this wasn’t loved enough as a child. Regardless, I will be treating myself to one half of something today whether that is a cupcake, entire cake, or half a carton of ice cream.

For the rest of the world who doesn’t have a half-birthday today, you can eat an entire carton of ice cream. I give you my blessing.


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