Treat Yourself: Beverly Hilton Spa


A few months ago I bought a coupon for myself and a friend from Lifebooker for a massage at the Beverly Hilton for 50% off. What a steal right? This Saturday I finally got around to redeeming it (on the last day before it expired naturally) and it was HEAVEN.

We were allowed to use all of the spa facilities for 4 hours as well as getting an hour long massage that made me feel as if I was reborn again. We wore the most glorious robes I’ve ever felt, received tea and water as soon as we were in the lounge and were handed yet another glass of water as soon as we finished our life altering massage. The entire time I was there I let myself pretend this was all normal and a part of my every day, rockstar life.

Besides the massage, the other amazing aspect of this trip away from reality were the steam showers with the giant rain faucets. They had to be designed by someone who wanted to realign their chakras aka escape from their own reality for half an hour.

Bottom line, if you can get a hold of a coupon for the Beverly Hilton’s spa, DO IT. I had a great time and wish I could live in the little zen lounge forever and drink their tea that was set to the perfect temperature of hot without being scalding.

I love you Beverly Hilton spa. And thanks for validating our parking so we didn’t have to pay $36. You rock.

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