AMA 2012 Breakdown


Before I get into this here is a disclaimer of the things that happen at EVERY music award show.

1. Nicki Minaj is terrifying and has at least 2 hair colors.

2. Taylor Swift sounds awful while singing.

3. Usher lip-syncs his entire song.

4. Chris Brown is shirtless during his performance.

5. Justin Bieber wins every fan-voted award.

The AMA’s are fan voted so it’s basically a giant high school popularity contest. If Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift is nominated for anything, there is an 87% chance they are going to win. Artists usually use this show to sing  dance around sexually to their newest hits while either lip-syncing or sounding awful. (cough Usher cough The Wanted cough Ke$ha cough Chris Brown cough).

Surprise surprise, The Biebs and TSwizzle won every category they were each nominated in. I dub them the prom king and queen of the night complete with awkward height difference.


Best performance: P!nk. Hands down. She made everyone else look like idiots. Besides Stevie Wonder who did a wonderful tribute to Dick Clark.

Sarah favorite performances: Kelly Clarkson (she did a Greatest Hits medley that I fangirled over HARDCORE), Carrie Underwood and P!nk.

Performances I’m not sure how to feel about: Taylor Swift (I’m not sure what even happened. I think I liked it? Minus the vocal.) and Nicki Minaj (it was semi-normal minus her snowball costume and her backup singer stealing the show when she sang for all of 20 seconds).

Performances I muted: Usher (I don’t think he’s sang live since 2008) and Pitbull (because no normal human being refers to themselves as Mr. Worldwide).

Performance that scared me the most: Ke$ha (she scared me more than Nicki Minaj, NO ONE usually scares me more than Nicki). Edit: Nicki during The Biebs performance gave me the creeps.

Favorite AMA throwback performance: NSYNC singing “Bye Bye Bye.” I looked up the full version on Youtube (during the awful Pitbull performance) and turns out I still know the choreography 12 years later.

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