Vinyl Revival: Eagles Live (Eagles)


Live records are probably my favorite type of record to listen to. Other than having the feeling that you were actually at the show it was recorded at, I feel that with live records you can really feel and hear what the artist is trying to convey through the song emotionally.

Eagle Live was released in 1980.  The 15 tracks on this album were taken from shows played from 1976-1980 at venues in Los Angeles. The album peaked at #6 on Billboard’s Pop Albums in 1980.

The Eagles unofficially disbanded in 1980 after a show in Long Beach but still owed their record label a live album, enter Eagles Live.  The album was mixed by Glenn Frey and Don Henley on opposite coasts since the two refused to be in the same state as each other.

The Hits: Basically this entire album, let’s be real.

Sarah’s 5 Favorites: Hotel California, Heartache Tonight, Take It To The Limit, Life In The Fast Lane, Take It Easy

Fun Fact: On the original pressings of the double album, there were text engravings in the carry out grooves. The messages were:

  • Side 1: Is it illegal to yell “movie!” in a firehouse?
  • Side 2: “Hello, Federal?…Ship it!”
  • Side 3: Not Tonight, Thanks…
  • Side 4: …Ive gotta rest up for my monster”



  1. Hotel California” (Felder, Henley, Frey) 
  2. Heartache Tonight” (Henley, Frey, Bob Seger, Souther)
  3. I Can’t Tell You Why” (Schmit, Henley, Frey) 


  1. The Long Run” (Henley, Frey) 
  2. New Kid in Town” (Henley, Frey, J. D. Souther) 
  3. Life’s Been Good” (Walsh) 


  1. Seven Bridges Road” (Steve Young)
  2. “Wasted Time” (Henley, Frey) 
  3. Take It to the Limit” (Henley, Frey, Meisner) 
  4. “Doolin-Dalton (Reprise II)” (Henley, Frey, Jim Ed Norman
  5. Desperado” (Henley, Frey)


  1. “Saturday Night” (Meisner, Henley, Frey, Bernie Leadon)
  2. “All Night Long” (Walsh) 
  3. Life in the Fast Lane” (Henley, Frey, Walsh)
  4. Take It Easy” (Jackson Browne, Frey) 

“We may lose and we may win, though we will never be here again.”


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