Things I Am Thankful For


In honor of Turkey day, I have compiled a list of things I am thankful for, both personal and serious.

The Personal List

  1. Ellen Degeneres because she’s the shit.
  2. Twilight is finally over and The Hunger Games is taking over. (Don’t worry Harry Potter, I’ll forever love you most).
  3. Emoji’s. Special thanks to the dancing cat ladiez.
  4. Burbank Airport. Yesterday, I left my apartment, got to the airport, got through security and sat at my gate in less than an hour. Sorry to all you suckers at LAX.
  5. The dog show that airs after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  6. Google maps on iPhone
  7. Turning 21. This also includes happy hours. I am very thankful for those.
  8. Boots and leggings. The outfit I wear basically every day.
  9. Jetta. She’s always there when I need a joy ride.
  10. The bros and hoes who I get to laugh at every day while at school.
  11. Snapchat and the lawlz it provides.
  12. The San Francisco Giants and their World Series win. Well done boys.
  13. Michaels for having sales on paint and canvases.
  14. Pink hair. And then brown hair dye.
  15. The money plant I bought from Ikea. It is still alive and I have a good feeling about it.

The Serious List

  1. My mama, father, brother and rest of my family who let me be who I want to be and put me in my place when necessary.
  2. My cat because she’s adorable and perfect.
  3. My close friends (if you’re in my favorites list on my iPhone I’m talking to you) for numerous reasons I should not list publicly online.
  4. All of the opportunities that have come and gone in the past year and have led me to this very moment in my young life. I’m happy and can say I am finally at peace with every decision I have made for myself in the past year.
  5. My vinyl record player. The best drug anyone could ask for.

Give someone a hug today and tell them you love them, even if they smell like leftovers and are wearing a horrible sweater.

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