Weekend Wrap Up: Being Home for Turkey & My 15 Foot Christmas Tree


The spread. “Go big, we’re already home.”

Being home is always a treat. When my family is reunited as a little unit, there is never a shortage of sassy comments. Time together basically turns into a game of who can get away with saying the most shit about the others before getting in trouble (and possibly slapped.) Below are some photos and a list of some of my memorable moments this Turkey day weekend.

Chopping the tree // A wreath made of shogun shells

Hanging lights on a 15 foot tree // Striking a pose on the Christmas tree lot

  1. “Wanna hear something funny? Wipe that ass boyyyy” – my 4 year old cousin.
  2. My mother convincing the Christmas tree farm to give us $70 off our 15 foot tree purchase. (Yes, 15 foot tree.)
  3. I may have dropped the entire container of mashed potatoes in the garage on leftover day. #partyfoul
  4. My brother stealing my pillow and blankets from the couch 3 times in 1 hour. He’s finally seeking revenge for the past 16 years now that he’s a giant.
  5. “Taking a picture with Rudolph? Ain’t nobody got time for that mom” – Brother
  6. My father pulling into a no parking spot, then a handicap spot, then a normal parking spot. The lot was empty.
  7. Mom nixing my red lipstick because we were going on a public outing and it seemed too flashy for the common folk.
  8. I napped at 6pm on Thanksgiving day after eating dinner. Then napped at 1pm on leftover day after eating lunch.
  9. Going to a family friends house and having 3 people ask me, “So why are you home?”
  10. My cousin got engaged! After 15 years of being together the beautiful couple is finally tying the knot. Congratulations to them, I can’t wait for the family rager this summer.

Token picture of my cat Bella taking a casual afternoon nap.

To read more of my family moments from the past week, you can read my tweets here.

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