Sarah’s Everyday: Oversized Sweater, Leggings & Boots


For those of you who see me on a fairly regular basis, there is an 87% chance that when you do see me, I’m wearing an oversized sweater/denim shirt, leggings and boots. It’s kind of my go to choice for clothing unless I have to go somewhere important like The Ellen Show. I put in some effort to go see Ellen.


The look consistently says, “I really don’t care how I look right now but love me anyways. Or don’t, I can stomp around in some leaves in my combat boots instead.”

Depending on whether my hair is in a top knot vs. hair down with some sort of bobby pin mess trying to hold back my now too long to be called “bangs,” is where the truth really lies. Top knot means dry shampoo was my greatest ally that day. Hair down means I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair so I let the wind from the 101 freeway act as my stylist.

I talked about the magic of freeway hair drying here and here. As for top knots, here are two of my favorite tutorials from Elle Magazine and Hello Giggles.

Regardless, I believe the oversized sweater, leggings and boots look is a staple all young women should embrace. Because really, who actually puts effort into looking good when you’re a senior in college ready to graduate and constantly asking yourself “Why did I put all this effort into college and take out so many loans when the world is ending in 3 weeks?”


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