TwentySeven Things: November 2012


With half of this blog being “Twenty Seven Things” I’ve decided to make a special list every 27th of the month (half because I like making lists, the other half because I like the number 27).  The Twenty Seven list will serve as a countdown of (surprise surprise) 27 things that have, in some way or another, made me happy in the past month.

  1. Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait.”
  2. Candy Canes. A given.
  3. Seeing 15 old people in line at the airport terminal ready to go to Vegas on a Monday morning. Raging.
  4. Voting in the presidential election.
  5. Dylan’s Candy Bar.
  6. Having a group project meeting at Haven.
  7. Pretending to be fancy at the Beverly Hilton.
  8. Skyping with my friend in Argentina (Hi Hannah).
  9. Checking out library books and DVD’s about Jackie Kennedy. The only reason I go to the library.
  10. Re-upping my Netflix just to watch the past 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Then deleting again after my free 30 day trial.
  11. My airport taxi driver officially being the first to congratulate me on graduating.
  12. Dinner and sangria with the ladiez.
  13. Afternoon naps with my cat. Cat naps. See what I did there?
  14. Rice and beans. A poor kid staple.
  15. The fact that the most hideous dogs in America end up on the Thanksgiving National Dog Show.
  16. Finishing my biggest canvas painting to date.
  17. The little girl who came trick-or-treating as a princess and twirled in the doorway.
  18. Watching Pitch Perfect. Twice. Because of this.
  19. Whoever invented ice cube trays, you’re rad.
  20. The combination of greek yogurt and cool whip on strawberries. It’s just divine darling.
  21. Dancing on an empty stage pretending to be a rockstar.
  22. Having the Alike app tell me my celeb look alike is Lindsay Lohan. 3 times in a row.
  23. Pretending I can sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” like Mariah.
  24. Watching She’s All That for the first time and wishing I could pull off short hair.
  25. Seeing Backstreet Boys at the Grove from afar.
  26. This wine.
  27. Rediscovering S Club 7 and this party anthem.

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