Goodbye (for now) Orange County.


As I sit in the Stunion (that’s Student Union for those of you non-hip college kids) in my last week of college classes, I’ve started to think about all of the things I’m going to miss about going to school in Orange County.

Goodbye (for now) Orange County

When I first chose Chapman in 2009, the first thing I started telling everyone I came into contact with is the now infamous line from The OC, “welcome to the OC bitch.” I couldn’t wait to live in Orange County and frolic on the same beaches that Lauren Conrad once had in Laguna Beach. And to top it all off, Disneyland was right down the street and I had a season pass (RIP season pass 2009-2010). Flash forward 4 years and now I’m 4 papers and 1 final away from graduating. That’s “put on a cap and gown and shake hands with President Doti” GRADUATING.

Orange County, you have been so good to me in my time spent here. Below is a list of a few of the things I’m going to miss most about you.

  1. The burritos from Billy Bob’s on Katella and Tustin. One burrito will fill you for 2+ meals. And it’s only FOUR DOLLARS.
  2. Newport Beach: 15 minutes away. Laguna Beach: 20 minutes away.
  3. Old Towne Orange during the holiday season.
  4. Having a max of 15 rainy days per year.
  5. Rutabegorz.
  6. Disneyland. If you don’t like Mickey Mouse I don’t think you have a soul.
  7. Professors deciding to hold class outside because the weather is so nice in the spring.
  8. Street Fair in Orange.
  9. The giant “Welcome to Orange County” sign on I-5.
  10. Ditching class to go to the beach instead. Always a good choice.

But the thing I’m most thankful to Orange County for is for being the place where I found out who I wanted to be in my young adult years.  Being 18, vulnerable and moving to a new city is pretty terrifying. For the rest of my life I’ll be able to say that Orange County was the place where I was inspired to embrace who I really am and who I want to become.  Orange County also brought some lovely people into my life that I hope stay in it for a very long time. (You guys knew/put up with me during the Chapman years so we’re basically blood brothers.)

Ciao, adios and goodbye to my beautiful Orange County. It’s been real, thanks for the memories.  I’ll be back in a few years to buy my 3rd mansion by the beach in Laguna.


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