Weekend Wrap Up: I Only Left My Apartment Once


My brain is pretty much a useless heap of mush at this point so I’m just going to list out the things that have happened to me this weekend.

  • The only times I have left my apartment was to go to the gym in my apartment complex (which is approximately 40 steps away so it doesn’t even count) and to go to lunch with my dad.
  • My dad came to visit me! If only for a few short hours but it was undoubtably the best few hours of the weekend (hi dad, thanks for hanging out with me.)
  • I watched Notting Hill at 1am on Friday as a “good job” to myself for studying. Both a good and bad choice. Good because I realized I want to go to London and be Julia Roberts. Bad because I realized I have no money to go to London and I’m not famous (yet) like Julia Roberts.
  • I watched Accepted. They used parts of Chapman to film the college parts. I got sad because I’m graduating. Then happy because I realized I walk the same path as Blake Lively to go to class sometimes.
  • I’m completely wrapped up in this Taylor Swift-Harry Styles (aka “Haylor“) drama. Stop judging me right now. I’m weak because it’s finals time and one of my weak spots is celebrity gossip. #helpme
  • I got to use my turtle candle-putter-outer. And I just looked this up, the correct title is snuffer. Yes SNUFFER. That alone makes my entire weekend much cooler.
  • I used a hammer to break up candy canes for peppermint bark. Works much better than the wooden spoon I used the first time.

Studying: 8. Sarah: 1.

My one lone point comes from the fact that I have yet to break out the jelly beans. When the jelly beans come out, you know I’m close to the meltdown. But alas, they have not yet made an appearance. Maybe this will be the first semester I can make it through without them. A true test of my willpower.

God speed to the rest of the college kids out there gearing up for finals week. We’ll get through this together. Then we’ll go party and bullshit after it’s all done.

My snuffer is cooler than yours.

My snuffer is cooler than yours.

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