Reasons Why I’m A Hot Mess This Week


hot mess sign

And by hot mess I mean hold the hot, double the mess.


This is from this summer, but still relevant.

  1. I wore one black sock and one white sock without noticing until 5 hours later. At least I was promoting diversity.
  2. I only remembered to put one contact in on Sunday.
  3. I drank sangria out of a mug. Multiple times.
  4. I constantly have Friends on TV. But on mute. It comforts me to just see their faces while I write papers.
  5. My landlord came to check the smoke alarms on my apartment, I opened my front door and he looked at my attire/face and asked me if I was doing alright. #offended
  6. I eat toast for almost every meal.
  7. I snapchat obscene amounts of photos to procrastinate.
  8. Two words: Top. Knot.
  9. My eyes hurt when I try to open them to full capacity.
  10. John Mayer on vinyl finally made his appearance. Which means game over for Sarah.

To the college kids studying for finals, I hope you are fairing better than I am. But fear not, the light at the end of the tunnel is near. I hope to see all you Chapman kids at Undie Run tonight. If you are my friend you’ll be running with me because it’s my last Undie Run EVER.  I’ll be the girl wearing sparkly gold leggings, a crown and a white tee that says I GRADUATED BITCHES in Sharpie. Cheers.


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