I Just Finished College, But The World Is Ending.


I understand that the past week there has been a lot of word vomit but stay with me. It’s because my brain is still comprehending the fact that when someone asks me what I’m doing with my life I can no longer say “oh I’m a college student.”

Because I’m not anymore. I’m an alumna. (Check me out grammar police, I’m up on the lingo.)

It has also come to my attention that the supposed end of the world is this coming Friday. Let me break this down for you in three short sentences.

I just graduated college. The end of the world is coming. I will no longer have to pay off student loans.

end of the world

With the possible apocalypse in the near future, here is a list of things I’ll miss about planet Earth.

  1. My beloved feline, Bella.
  2. Yogurtland.
  3. John Mayer, Stevie Nicks, Ed Sheeran and Shania Twain.
  4. The smell of rain.
  5. New socks.
  6. The fact that I never got to touch Harry Styles’ hair.
  7. Wine. Red wine, white wine, all wines.
  8. My American Eagle hoodie I’ve owned since 6th grade.
  9. My Starbucks gold card. (Member since 2010).
  10. Mac & Cheese.
  11. My money tree.
  12. Mean Girls.
  13. The fact that I never went to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways or Oprah’s Favorite Things.
  14. Dresses with pockets.
  15. Wii tennis and DDR.
  16. Talking in a valley girl accent with my brother.
  17. Finding out what the series finale of Grey’s Anatomy will be. Do Meredith and Derek get their happy ending or not? Will Cristina ever be the same? Can Seattle Grace handle another horrific disaster??? TELL ME SHONDA RHIMES. TELL ME.

And here is a list of things I won’t have to do ever again. You know, since the world is ending.

  1. Pay off student loans (JOKES ON YOU SALLIE MAE).
  2. Go to a high school reunion party.
  3. Listen to the new Ke$ha album.
  4. Admit what is actually on my iTunes top 25 most played list.
  5. Let the world see the iPhoto Fall 2009 photo album.
  6. Pay my LADWP bill.
  7. Clean up my Pinterest. #firstworldprobz
  8. Answer the “what are you doing after graduation” question.
  9. Eat green vegetables and pretend to like them.
  10. Gas up my car. SUCKS TO SUCK CHEVRON.

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