Love Letter: Why Zumba Is The Best Way To Exercise.


I had my first taste of Zumba about 3 summers ago. Disclaimer: dance has never really been my forte. My mom pulled me out of dance classes when I was 7 because my arms and legs grew and were abnormally longer than my torso. As you can imagine, I definitely was not in the running for most graceful child.

For my first Zumba experience, I stood in the back of the class and tried to not trip over myself. About half hour into the class I realized that if the two ladies in their late 40s with bohemian chain skirts in the front row could shake it out, then damnit so could I.

Zumba, the exercise where you get to do this.

Zumba, the exercise where you get to do this.

I started going once, then twice a week and loved every minute. Everyone in that room looks like an idiot and it’s a calming feeling to know that looking that way is completely normal. I went quite a bit my sophomore year of college as well but then when I realized I was a poor college kid I cancelled my membership so sadly there went Zumba along with my sauna privileges.

Yesterday while at home I tried the Zumba Fitness 2 for the Wii. IT WAS AWESOME. Props to you Zumba Wii game for being ethnically diverse with your music choices. Salsa, tango, arabian, a little top 40 and much more all in one workout. The best part though? One of the little computer generated teachers had a tramp stamp. I had to stop in the middle of my dance routine to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Slow clap to you Zumba Fitness 2 for being authentic.

Zumba Fitness 2

But what I like actually like best about Zumba is that when I’m dancing, I don’t feel like I’m working out. I think I get so distracted trying to make sure I’m in time with the counts and steps that I don’t even realize I’m getting a workout in until after I’m done and drenched in sweat.

If you hate running, as most of the population probably does (I mean really who enjoys running, least of all on a treadmill where you stare at the same shit for MILES) you should try Zumba.

Put on your bohemian chain skirt and SHAKE IT LADIEZ AND GENTZ.

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