We All Have That One Friend. (Hopefully.)


If you’re lucky in your life, you have that one person you’ve been privileged to know since you were a wee little human. Someone who poured salt on snails with you, someone who also sucked at gymnastics with you, someone who ran through a field in a small town with you on a blazing hot summer day.  The person who you shared countless jump houses, Halloween costumes, Pokemon cards, and Lincoln log cabins with.

sarah jamie 1.0

I am lucky enough to have that person. We met in preschool as little humans, went to elementary, middle and high school together and eventually went our separate ways in college.  Even though we don’t see each other nearly as often as we used to, she’s one of those few people who when I do see her, it’s like we were never apart.

It’s a simple relationship to explain. I can attempt to sum it up by saying that I’ll always love, accept and be there for her, and she’ll always love, accept and be there for me.  We just want each other to be happy in life, whatever that may entail.  So when you have that kind of person in your life, you kind of never want to let them go.

Every time I get to see her it’s like we never stopped talking. She’s just one of those people that understand where I’m coming from because we come from the same place both literally and figuratively. The same hometown, same education, similar upbringing and similar thought process.

I’m not really sure what this post is exactly. I guess more of an “I’m thankful and grateful for you” post than anything. If you as the reader are looking this over, I hope you’re lucky enough to be able to picture a person in your life that you have a similar connection and relationship with. Because there is really nothing better than being able to say, “Yes I’ve actually known her for the past 18 years of my life. She was the one right next to me when I fell on my ass in a puddle of bubble mix in her garage when I was 7.”


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