Dear Santa: 2012 Edition


Christmas Eve

Dear Santa,

Here are a few things I would like for Christmas if it isn’t too much trouble.

  • A photo with my cat wearing her Santa hat (she doesn’t seem to like it much)
  • Lots of Judy’s tamales
  • To be a bum all day on Christmas day
  • To watch Love Actually and The Holiday with my mama
  • New socks (please please pleeeeeeease)
  • For all of my Tivo shows to not be deleted when I go back to LA

But above all, I just want to spend time this Christmas Eve with my wonderful family, 2 cats and one dog included.

Hope all those reading are feeling the love this holiday season. Hug everyone multiple times and tell them how much you love and appreciate that they put up with your bullshit the other 364 days of the year.

Remember to leave cookies out for Santa and carrots and/or celery for Rudolph and his crew. They get hungry too you know. PS Handwritten letters are always better than typed ones.




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