Epiphany: I Can Go Wherever I Want. No Really, I Can.



I’ve been mulling over a realization I had about a week ago. The realization that now as a college graduate, it is time for me to find a job (whatever that may be) and have some sort of income and essentially start to build a life that is entirely my own.

Let me reiterate that, A LIFE THAT IS COMPLETELY MY OWN.

A life that has me being dependent on no one else but myself. A life where I make all of my own major choices. A life where I can go anywhere I want.

Which brings me back to the subject line of this Friday’s post. Since I am a newfound college alumna, I am in the midst of a job hunt (which is the absolute WORST by the way). In the beginning of said job hunt I was only looking at possible opportunities in the greater LA vicinity, sometimes reaching out to Orange County or San Diego.

Then I had an epiphany.

Why should I confine myself to Southern California? Sure it’s fabulous and sunny and great here but what’s stopping me from looking at other areas of the country? Of the world? Right now I (and all of the other 20-somethings) are in a rare opportunity to pick up and ship out to anywhere we want. Because right now we’re all at the absolute bottom of the pits. Like lower than the coffee shop baristas (thank you for your services, it is much appreciated) because we have no ties to ANYTHING.

Leaving on a jet plane

I could go to San Francisco or Boston or Miami or Chicago (eh but not likely because they’re landlocked, sorry Chi-town) or New York. And then there’s the whole, “maybe I could go to Europe because I never did study abroad and I could be oh so European with my new adult life” possibility and I could go to Rome or Madrid or Paris or London.

Right now, anything goes. It’s the top of the first, the ballgame has just started.

I can honestly FEEL my mind being opened up to an entire new realm of places to go. And right now, that’s the biggest motivation to go and find a job. Not the money, not the work force, not the comfort of being busy, but rather the sheer joy of being able to start a new chapter of adventures in a new place.

So if any of you recent graduates or soon to be graduates have read this, I hope you’re not overcome with stress just as I was about 7 days ago. I hope you can look at this time in your life with a new lens. A lens that tells you that you really do have the world at your feet. So take those feet and walk on to a new place to start the next part of your life.


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