Weekend Wrap Up: Drowning In Ikea


Ikea in the Bur

I spent this lovely weekend with one of my favorites (hi Haylie) and we did what we do best when we’re together which is: watch TV (mostly Friends and movies), eat, nap, destroy Ikea and paint our nails.

Watch out everyone, we are changing the world one burgundy red nail at a time.

Here are a few other things we accomplished while still keeping our DGAF/I’m a bum attitudes.

  • A trip to Goodwill since I finally cleaned out my apartment.
  • I bought curtain rod hangers at Ikea. Then found out they don’t come with screws. So I ended up being screwed. Well played Ikea.
  • Saying things like “Oh I LOVE those wooden bowls but the chairs look so uncomfortable. Those would definitely have to go.” or “Look at those shelves, so cute. I could fit so many books on those.” or “OH MY GOD IT’S THE CANDLE SECTION” in Ikea, pretending like we have money for everything.
  • Buying the $1 ice cream at Ikea before we left (hands down the highlight of the day, as it should be.)
  • Going to Target and forcing myself not to walk through the dollar section.
  • Smelling candles at Target. And almost barfing because I thought it was going to smell good because it had an exotic name but it actually smelled like shit and I almost threw up. Names are deceiving.
  • Painting our nails. A must.
  • Watching the EXTENDED edition of The Notebook and crying like an infant while saying “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”
  • Realizing we could do a lot more good in the world than most celebrities at this present time if we had their power. Since we’re sassy and fun and care about people’s well being. For the most part.



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