New Music – Little Mix


When I work out, I absolutely HAVE TO have a good soundtrack to run to or else it just isn’t going to work. I am also the person who tends to need very uptempo songs with a similar beat to my strides when I run or else I end up looking like an idiot.

If you read my blog, you know I have a soft spot for trashy pop songs. About a month ago I was introduced to Little Mix, an all girl band that won the UK X-Factor last year. With the combination of my love of trashy pop songs and group harmonies, it was inevitable that I would fall in love with them.

Perrie, Jesy, Jade, Leigh

Perrie, Jesy, Jade, Leigh

Little Mix consists of Perrie, Jesy, Leigh and Jade. They are British (automatic cool points) and are the first group to ever win the X-Factor in any country. Their X-Factor story is actually kind of awesome. The 4 girls each auditioned as solo artists and were all turned down. Then they were all given second chances and were called back to be formed into groups. Perrie and Jesy were put in one group and Leigh and Jade were put in another. Both groups were then eliminated but the judges decided to take all 4 girls and try one more group combination and BOOM Little Mix was formed. My personal favorite of the 4 is Perrie because she has an unreal voice. She sang “You Oughta Know” for her X-Factor audition and killed it. Not many people can do that and not look like an idiot.

They released their debut album in the UK this past November and have just recently been signed to Columbia Records in the US which is a partner with Simon Cowell’s “Syco Music” UK label. So it’s safe to say you shall be hearing of them here in the States sooner rather than later and let me tell you, you’ll love them. Even if it’s in a private playlist on Spotify.

And just so you can see how cute they really are, you can watch their music video for their first single “Wings” here. Someone has GOT to teach me how to do the stomping thing.

Little Mix – DNA (2011, Syco Music UK)

Little Mix - DNA

Singles: Wings, DNA

Sarah’s Favorites: Stereo Soldier, Pretend It’s Ok, Wings, Love Drunk, Turn Your Face

Songs to dance to: Stereo Soldier, Love Drunk, Wings, We Are Who We Are

Songs to cry to: Turn Your Face, Pretend It’s Ok, Always Be Together

Fun Facts: The girls are listed as co-writers on all of the songs on DNA, they were the first group to win X-Factor EVER, and Perrie is currently dating a member of One Direction. You go girl.

Little Mix2

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