Apartment Girl 101: Sparkle Initials


Being out of college and thrown into (f)unemployment has given me a lot of free time recently. To try and stay busy during this new free time I have resorted to the three C’s: cooking, cleaning and crafting. If someone doesn’t stop me soon, I’ll be on the path to become Martha Stewart. Which means I’ve got about 5 more years until someone throws me in jail for illegal stock trading. I guess that also means I’ve got to buy some stocks.

Last week I took some plain black letters I’ve had for a while now and transformed them into something much prettier to look at. I’m a real sucker for anything that glitters.


The process is simple. Take some tacky glue and spread it all over the black letters and then sprinkle some glitter over it. That’s it! As another tip, I put some tissue paper under the letters as a way to gather the extra glitter that falls off. It makes it a lot easier to reuse it for the rest of the letters.

I’ve always loved that my initials spell out SAS and I’m kind of obsessed with the letters now that they are a part of my living room wall.



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