Bachelor Sean Bracket: Week 2


My post last Tuesday about Bachelor Sean has been getting a lot of web traffic so I feel that I should share the template for the actual bracket since it seems a lot of my fellow Bachelor goers are without it. You’re welcome.Bachelor Sean Bracket

Please note that I did not make this bracket so to whoever did make it, I say BLESS YOU CHILD. You are invaluable to the #BachelorNation. As for the rules of the bracket I think I might play a little different than the actual rules. So here’s Sarah’s version. Watch the first episode, take copious notes and fill out your entire bracket that same night to determine who you think will win Sean’s heart. Then as the weeks go on, you give yourself 1, 2, 3, etc. points per each girl you have written down that receives a rose that episode and stays in the competition.

So naturally everyone starts off with 19 points because I don’t officially start my bracket play until the second episode. The first episode is a freebie. I just hate trying to pick who you think is going to win before the season even starts because you have no idea how cray some of the girls are until watching them interact with Sean and each other.

With Brooke, Katie and Diana being eliminated this week, I ended up with 28 points to bring me a total of 47 so far. I predicted that Brooke and Katie would both leave this week and they did (Sean and I are totally on the same page.) I also just realized that I didn’t even factor Kacie B in my bracket because she wasn’t on the printout with the rest of the girls (because she invited herself, not okay Kacie B). So I’m not even counting her because I know she isn’t going to win anyways.

Here’s my live thoughts/word vomit recap:

  • Again we start with a shirtless Sean. No one seems to mind. I sure don’t.
  • THE CHEESY DATE CARDS HAVE RETURNED. Seriously how do I become the person they pay to write that bullshit?
  • Sean takes Sarah on a date and they jump off a building together. Then drink champagne. I would have chugged the whole bottle as soon as I hit the ground. She gets a rose.
  • Sean makes the girls on the group date do a photo shoot to see who has “chemistry” with him. They are really running out of things to do.
  • Kristy is a little excited. As Katie said, “homegirl is a little excited to do a photo shoot.”
  • Tierra’s crazy is starting to show. Better keep that shit on lock gurl.
  • Okay Kristy just made all these girls look like 12 year olds. You win.
  • I love Lesley M and how weird she is.
  • Kacie B I’m sorry. I loved you during Ben’s season but you need to leave Sean and find love somewhere else. Just go home before you embarrass yourself.
  • “I’m vegan but I love the beef.” Good one Catherine.
  • Katie girl can’t take the competition and peaces the hell out of that crazy town. Good for you girl. Go do some yoga in 80s workout clothes.
  • Sean and Chris Harrison pull a fast one on Desiree. Doin it for the lawlz, I like it Sean. And Desiree gets 10 cool points for taking it all in stride.
  • YES LINDSAY. I need you to go far in this season to ensure my bracket predictions. You betta werk gurl.
  • Amanda is grumpy cat. Grumpy cat is Amanda. They are one.
  • Props to Robyn for calling the show out on usually only having white girls as contestants. And props to Sean for loving everyone.
  • Theory: Amanda is an actual crazy person. Also who put flowers on her shoulders of the yellow dress?
  • Poor Diana and Brooke, they actually seem normal. It’s probably for the best that they get off this damn show.

Can’t wait for next week. Can’t wait to see which crazy puts Tierra in a neck brace. Maybe someone actually is crazier than she is. That is the final rose, thank you and goodnight.


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