Love Letter: My Record Player


I’ve had my record player for a little over a year now and it’s one of the most special things I’ve ever owned. Since the day I got it I’ve been absolutely fascinated by it, wishing I could have lived in the eras when it was the normal way to go about playing music.

Record Player

I don’t know what it is about vinyl but a record just makes a song sound so much better, so much fuller. When you listen to a record you’re not just hearing or listening, you’re experiencing. You get to hear the little crackles as you drop the arm onto the record and the click as side one comes to an end. You get to physically hold the music in your hand as you flip over to side two and wait for the second half of an album to play.

My record player has given me a new meaning to “deep listening” to an album. I used to sit down, clear an hour or so and sit down with a stereo or my computer and listen through an album. But that doesn’t hold a candle to laying on the floor and listening to an album on vinyl. I think a lot of it has to do with the simple fact of physically holding the record and watching the needle move slowly inward as the music plays. It’s much more of an experience for the listener compared to listening to something you downloaded on iTunes where all you have to do is press the space button.

With a record, there aren’t the two intertwining arrows that let you shuffle the songs. You drop the needle and listen to the album as the artist desired you to. As a cohesive piece of art front to back, no skips, just tracks one through twelve.

My collection is still growing but I seem to never be able to pass up a Fleetwood Mac, Eagles or Beach Boys vinyl when I come across them. But I do have to give praise to my dear father for raising me and aiding in my ongoing love of classic rock. Rock on Dad.

But this love letter is really addressed to Thomas Edison for creating the phonograph which in turn lead to the device that is one of the loves of my life. Thanks Tommy boy, you did good.

Psssst: If you wanted the same record player I have, you can buy it here.


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