I Hope I Have A Kid As Fun As This


I just wanted to dedicate this Friday’s post to this young boy. I don’t know who he is and the only place I can find this video is on Tumblr. It’s safe to say I’ve already watched it about 17 times.


He is so confident in himself and really could give two shits about what anyone says about him.

First we get the dramatic hair flip and you think this is going to be a Regina George moment. But then out of nowhere, he just goes for it and BREAKS IT DOWN. Arms flailing, head shaking, legs moving and no holding back. He even throws in a few body rolls. Then he walks away like a casual diva before realizing he left the car door open. At this point he runs back with the most hilarious and awkward run/facial expression I’ve ever seen.

He’s a straight up boss. I aspire to be as happy, awkward and carefree as he is.



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