Finding Your Staircase: MLK Jr. Day


Martin Luther King Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year because even though I was in Catholic school for most of my young life, they actually gave us this day off (they showed no mercy for some other government holidays).  This year, the day off aspect doesn’t have much relevance to me because right now every day is technically a day off. Because I’m a graduate and unemployed. Hip hip hooray…….it’s actually not as cool as I thought it would be.

But taking a little turn for the serious (because today is actually very relevant and important) when I think about MLK Jr., I think of being brave.  He put himself out there, for better for worse, terrified or confident, and just straight went for it. So that, along with my two new life role models of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, is what I am going to try and incorporate more of into my life. Being brave.

I don’t mean the “jump off a bridge and bungee jump” brave but the “I’m going to actually say what I’m feeling right now instead of holding it in like I usually do” brave. Because to me that kind of brave, the brave where you jump in a metaphorical sense rather than a physical sense, is a much harder thing to do.


I hope you can all find your staircase. I think by now I’m about on my third or fourth step and the rest still hasn’t magically appeared.  I’ve already tripped a few times and I’m probably going to trip a few more. But that’s okay because that’s what 20-somethings do. We trip (and fall on our asses). Then we get back up and maybe have to sit on a cushioned surface for a while, but we still get back up.


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