Treat Yo Self 2013


I’ve been watching Parks & Rec over the past week or so and I’m finally on season 4. In Season 4, episode 4 we are introduced to the Treat Yo Self mentality. The one day a year when you treat yo self to anything you want. Clothes? Treat yo self. Fragrances? Treat yo self. Mimosas? Treat yo self. Spa? TREAT YO SELF.

After watching that episode and how happy Treat Yo Self made everyone, I decided to compile a Treat Yo Self 2013 list that I would like to accomplish by the end of this year. Some are small, others are not, but they all would render the appropriate title of TREAT YO SELF.

  • Booze Cruise?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Coachella?……TREAT YO SELF(-ELLA)
  • Shania in Vegas?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Mani-pedi?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Massage at the Beverly Hilton?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Yogurtland?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Frye boots?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Candles from Anthropologie?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Turning the AC on when it’s 95 degrees out?……TREAT YO SELF
  • New socks?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Haircut?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Endless free samples from Costco?……TREAT YO SELF
  • Ditching work to hit the beach?……TREAT YO SELF

If anyone has any other Treat Yo Self ideas let me hear ’em. Or if you want to join me on any of my Treat Yo Self adventures that’s fine too. As long as you sing the Treat Yo Self song with me.

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