I’m A Little (red) Teapot


Yesterday I bought this.

My Little Teapot

I’ve been wanting a little teapot for a while now and found this one for a steal. It was actually the last one in the store. If that’s not fate I don’t know what is.  I’ve also decided to name my little teapot Sybil in honor of Lady Sybil, my favorite character in Downton Abbey.

I made tea last night and stood by the stove very attentively waiting to see if Sybil would whistle or not. She didn’t but instead made a little boiling noise and just had a tiny stream of steam coming out of her spout. It’s probably for the better because I would have jumped out of my skin if Sybil had whistled and I wasn’t expecting it.

So from now on if anyone wants some afternoon tea, Sybil and I have got you covered.


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