Hump Day: A Bag of Mixed Links


Happy Wednesday Internet world! I’ll be spending today doing adult things like grocery shopping and buying toilet paper. I know the beginning of a new semester started this past Monday for a lot of college students so if you get bored in class (or work) with Facebook and Twitter, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite links from the past few days to distract you. Enjoy!

  • Adam Levine hosted SNL this past Saturday. The Lonely Island also made their triumphant return to show us the real meaning of YOLO.
  • It’s one of my ultimate dreams come true. My favorite movie is being turned into a musical. ALERT MEAN GIRLS IS BEING TURNED INTO A MUSICAL. Bless you Tina Fey.
  • I really really like this song right now. Don’t judge.
  • I’ve been talking about it for a while now and I’ve finally done it. I started watching The Inbetweeners. It’s a British comedy that is laugh out loud hilarious. As in, I sit in my apartment alone and cackle loudly. But really it’s hysterical and you should watch it on Netflix. (The third season you’ll have to find links for.)
  • Want a good laugh? Here are photos of celebrities when they were in high school. There’s hope for all of us.
  • It was just announced this morning that Justin Timberlake will make his glorious return to the stage at The Grammys this year!!! (insert fan girl squeal)
  • Entourage lovers there is fantastic news. The movie finally got the green light! We get to see the return of Hollywood’s badass Ari Gold and movie heart-throb Vincent Chace. His eyes could melt anyone’s soul.
  • Coachella is already sold out folks. (Being honest though I was a little less than thrilled about the lineup. And the price increase. Sorry I’m not sorry.) But fear not! There is another festival in NYC this summer and the lineup SLAYS. Check it out here.
  • Everyone knows I love cats. Everyone knows I love One Direction (a little too much.) This post was like a sucker punch to the gut because it combines both of those loves. Click if you dare.
  • If you don’t watch GIRLS on HBO (or online streams like I do) then you really really should. Lena Dunham is now one of my heroes. The show is basically a safe haven for 20-somethings who are broke and trying to make it (which is pretty much everyone I know last time I checked.) This is a scene from this week’s episode. The song is Icona Pop’s “I Love It” which I had talked about a little while ago. Just enjoy the moment because “it’s Wednesday night and baby I’m ALIVE.”


PS yesterday was Oprah’s birthday. This was the tweet I sent her because as I’ve said before, I pretty much take whatever Oprah says as law.

Oprah Birthday


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