Weekend Wrap Up: Happy Beyonce Day


Beyonce Super Bowl

Today’s the day. The day that Beyonce makes her return to the stage. And some other guys wear helmets and feel each other up on a football field.

Today let us remember some of the best Super Bowl halftime shows (Britney Spears/NSYNC/Aerosmith and Michael Jackson) and some of the worst (Black Eyed Peas) and know that our Queen Bey is returning to her throne to slay everyone.

Rumor has it that Destiny’s Child will also reunite and perform with Queen Bey. No one is more excited that Michelle, the one member of DC that no one can ever remember. She finally has a half quarter of a career again.

I’ll be having brunch with friends in Orange County in the afternoon and then watching the game Beyonce . I’m from Northern California originally so I’ll be rooting for the Niners but truthfully, I thought they still sucked as bad as they did in 2007 and had no idea they were even half decent. Oops. So I might write “band” and “wagon” across my face tomorrow just for kicks.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Beyonce Day everyone!


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