This Week, One Year Ago



This week, exactly one year ago I was in a very different headspace. Why exactly was I in a different headspace?

This week is Grammy week.

I don’t want to recite all of the things I was doing/trying to do in this week long span one year ago, but I will say that stress was an emotion I had become very familiar with. I also had a long running relationship with my iCal. Looking back now and being one year older and removed from the situation I honestly don’t know how I did all that I did as a 20 year old in that situation. But I guess that’s something that can be said for a lot of situations when you look back on things.

It was this time last year that I moved to LA, something I would have never guessed of myself if you would have asked me a few years ago. Not that I wouldn’t be in LA, but that I would have moved as a 20 year old. It really is amazing what can take place in one year and I am very thankful that I am now, as I said, in a different head space.

On another note, everyone else can go home now because Queen Bey is back and she absolutely SLAYED the Super Bowl. To the point that the power went out. I’m convinced that was her.


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