It’s Friday & This Post Is A Mess


So this post is going to be a mosh pit of random things I’m feeling.

  • I’ve been feeling slightly sick, hence the lack of energy to write a real post.
  • Yesterday I saw Ed Sheeran at The Grove and he was so adorable I almost couldn’t handle it.
  • Yesterday I also went to Dylan’s Candy Shop. It was paradise.
  • This Sunday is the Grammys and I can’t wait to blog word vomit about it and the performances.
  • Tea is my new best friend because I’ve been feeling a little bit sick. Did I say that already? I’m losing it.
  • I wore my hair in this really cool braid thing that I learned from here yesterday and it looked awesome. My friend said so, so it must be true.
  • I painted my nails a lavender color which is a pretty stark contrast from my normal burgundy.
  • I got a pair of new cheap knockoff Ray-Bans from the Grove yesterday. I love them.
  • I made wine corks into magnets. They’re pretty cool.
  • And this photo explains my life currently. I love Amuuurica but I’m having a love affair with the British culture.



Happy weekend everyone. I’ll be hibernating until the Grammys to try and kick this sickness before it knocks me on my ass. Sick Sarah takes on a whole new level of sassy that the world should not have to see/deal with.

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