Weekend Wrap Up: Grammy Party


Happy Weekend everyone who reads this. You get a gold star.

I spent this weekend getting over my illness and spending time doing things I really love doing. These included painting my latest lyric canvas for The Wall, hiking Runyon Canyon with friends, reading (currently this book) and watching some lame Rom Com’s from the past decade.

Today is also Grammy day which means I’ll be whipping up some little snacks for a Grammy potluck I’m having at my apartment. We’ll be sipping wine and champagne while watching the awards and arguing over who should have really won Song of The Year (I’m pulling for “The A Team” but will be okay with “We Are Young“). Short disclaimer, if Carly Rae Jepsen wins absolutely anything, the world should be ashamed. And as much as I love my girl Taylor Swift, she shouldn’t be winning anything either this year.

I found this blog post yesterday and it blew my mind. It lists 18 of the most iconic artists who have never won a Grammy. It really helped put things into perspective as far as award shows go. As much as I love winning things, these artists never won the coveted golden Grammy which says a lot about the awards themselves (cough it’s all kind of rigged cough).

Tomorrow be on the lookout for my Grammy wrap up. I’m sure I’ll be gushing about the Elton John-Ed Sheeran performance. I’m tearing up just thinking of how amazing it’s going to be.

Here’s a little picture I found. So I thought I would share because I think it’s very relevant to current 20-somethings. And just all humans in general. Happy Sunday all.

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