So TREAT YO SELF 2013 Happened Yesterday



TREAT YO SELF 2013 (it’s the best day of the year!) happened yesterday and it was amazing and incredible and glorious. If you don’t know what Treat Yo Self is you’re missing out. An explanation can be found here. I didn’t do anything on my original list (those will come with time) but today was incredible nonetheless. A list of the things that were accomplished are below.

  • Runyon Canyon? TREAT YO SELF
  • Panera for lunch? TREAT YO SELF
  • Forever 21? TREAT YO SELF
  • Anthropologie? TREAT YO SELF

Topshop was everything I dreamed of and more. Here’s the back story. I’ve wanted to go to a Topshop for almost 3 years now but there are less than a handful of them in the US (it’s a UK based company). I almost went when I was in New York about a year and a half ago but it didn’t work out. So on my bucket list it remained.


For the first few minutes I was in the store I swear I was short of breath because everything I looked at actually took my breath away. It was just so beautiful. So many dresses and purses and jackets and shoes. I wanted to pull a Pretty Woman and throw down a credit card that wasn’t mine but would automatically buy me whatever I wanted. Sadly I’m not at that point in my life right now so that didn’t happen but I did get a few little things in honor of TREAT YO SELF and this is the bag they put them in. THERE IS A CAT ON THE BAG. A CAT. AN ACTUAL CAT’S FACE. Fate couldn’t be speaking to me in a louder voice if it tried.

Topshop Cat

Also Harry Styles sent me flowers today. You know because he loves me and he’s my fiance Valentine. Thanks Haz, love you so much. (It’s casual.)

Harry Styles flowers


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