Ed Sheeran – Nokia Theater.


As shown by my string of tweets last night, Ed Sheeran’s show was pretty incredible. I danced, I sang, I did not cry (it took all of my self-restraint but I held it together), and I fell in love with him all over again.

Sheeran Tweets

This was his final show in America until he comes back as the opener for Taylor Swift’s RED tour in a month or so. This show was also the same day as his 22nd birthday. He showed up dressed in a full pirate costume complete with a black pirate hat and sword that he would wave every so often. It was awesome and adorable.

Sheeran pirate

For those of you who have never watched videos of his live shows online you need to know that he has no band when he performs. It’s just him, his guitar and a loop. He builds all of the songs on his own using just his voice and guitar and plays the sounds through the loop to make a backing track. It was so cool to watch him build the track for all the songs. He is a real life one man show.

SET LIST: Give Me Love, Drunk (which I danced like a maniac to), U.N.I., Grade 8, Wayfaring Stranger (cover see explanation below), Small Bump, Be My Husband (a Nina Simone cover which was awesome), Kiss Me, Fire Alarms (from one of his old EP’s and I started fangirling so hard) and Lego House.

When he came back out for his encore, he did a super long version of You Need Me, I Don’t Need You and absolutely SLAYED. He sang in the beginning, did a little jam sesh, split the crowd into the Jets and Sharks from West Side Story and gave us separate parts to sing, mashed Thrift Shop into a part of the song and then ended it with a rap that had me fangirling out of control.

The final song was a little bit of  The Parting Glass (a song that is a hidden track on the end of his + album) that transitioned into The A Team. The orange and white balloons fell from the ceiling and the crowd was as loud as ever screaming the lyrics back to him.

But out of everything he did in the show, a moment during Wayfaring Stranger had me totally speechless. He got the entire venue dead silent (I didn’t even think that was possible) and began to sing. Then midway through the song he turns off the loop, puts his guitar down and sings acapella to the entire audience. THEN HE PROCEEDS TO SING THE CHORUS ACAPELLA WITHOUT A MICROPHONE ON TOP OF ON ONE OF THE SPEAKERS TO THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I have never seen someone attempt to talk without a microphone at a show, let along SING to an audience of that capacity and have their voice flow clear as day throughout the entire venue. It was an amazing moment.

Ed I love you. I want to re-live that entire set again. Can we hang out sometime? I feel like we could/would/should be best friends. Call me.

Sheeran collage



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