Weekend Wrap Up: Hike? Nope, Pinkberry.


Happy Sunday all! (Fun fact: Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week.)

This weekend has been a mash up of being lazy and being productive. It doesn’t seem like there was any middle ground in the past few days. Friday, one of my best friends from home got into town for birthday festivities and we went to an event (post to come soon!) and were very productive. So there is one half of the equation.

Birthday surprise waiting for the Birthday girl.

Birthday surprise waiting for the Birthday girl to arrive.

Saturday proved to be more of an attempt than anything. During the day we caught up on our Beyonce and watched her HBO documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. It got mixed reviews but I personally thought it was wonderful. Not because I love her unconditionally, but because I thought it was very tastefully done and she was honest about her life which she doesn’t have to do, but chose to share with the world who puts her on a pedestal. Then we decided “hey we should be active let’s go on a hike!”

In short caveman sentences: Drove around Runyon for 20 minutes. Couldn’t find parking. Left Runyon. Drove to Fryman. Tried to park. Parking machine ate our $3. We didn’t have other cash. Left Fryman. Said screw it. Went to Pinkberry. (Which we probably should have just done in the first place.)

Sunday will bring brunch in Orange County with college friends to formally celebrate a 22nd birthday followed by an Oscar viewing party. Forewarning: if Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t win, there will be salt water tears falling from my eyes. I do not apologize and I will regret nothing.

Happy Oscars Day! Eat, drink (be safe) and merry.

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