Sarah meets Love Twenty


The world works in very mysterious ways. I’ve talked a little bit before about my belief in timing and balance of energy in the universe. Basically, the good has to even out the bad and things happen at certain times in your life because they are supposed to.

The universe showed her colors this past week. I was having a really bad day (a bubble bath helped a little) and the very next day I received an email from Love Twenty. Love Twenty is a 20-something blog that writes about everything. Clothes, love, jobs and just being a 20-something in general. Right up my alley.

The email I received asked if I would like to write for them to which I immediately said YES. So once a week I will be posting my word vomit on Love Twenty. I am so so excited about this new step of Internet blogging/word vomit and I hope you go and check them out. They’re pretty rad.

Click the link below for my first post on Love Twenty talking about the Never Grow Up event I attended in LA this past weekend (can you say Swag Bag and free loot?) Let me know what you think!

Never Grow Up: Love Twenty Hits Up BOXeight in LA!

Love Twenty first post


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