Love Letter: Quinoa


I’ve said before that I’m trying to eat healthier and one of the things I’ve been eating lately is quinoa. My only rule of eating healthy is that I’ll do it, as long as what I’m eating doesn’t taste like shit. I surprisingly love quinoa. Here is my love letter to her.

Oh Quinoa, my dearest dearest quinoa. I think I’m in love with you.

You’re one of the only foods that tastes delicious hot, warm or cold (surprisingly difficult to pull off). But even more importantly, you don’t taste like shit as leftovers. (Because some foods have a distinct leftover taste and I just really can’t handle it.)

You fill me up when I’m hungry and you’re much healthier than eating rice so I feel like that’s making me a better human being. (That’s what I tell myself.)

You taste great plain, in a bowl with beans/salsa or even in a salad. (“SALAD?” you say? Yes salad. Quinoa tastes exceptionally good in a salad.)

Last but certainly not least, quinoa girl you look so good after you’re all cooked up in the pot. You turn from little tiny grains into circles with clear halos around them (BABY I CAN SEE YOUR HALO, HALO, HALOOOOO) in 12 to 15 minutes.

Thanks quinoa for making my “eating healthy” lifestyle a little easier. I really appreciate it.




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