I Made A Website


It’s nothing major or anything but I feel like it was much overdue since we are well into the technological age. You can find a link to this blog as well as a link to my posts that will be on Love Twenty. Plus some contact info if you feel like talking to me. That would be cool too.


On to real things, today is Wednesday and this is how I feel.

step brothers nope

So I’ll most likely be checking up on all of my usual blogs and continuing on my trek through The Office (currently season 5) to distract me from the blahhhh feeling that Wednesday’s bring. Here are a few links that had me laughing earlier this week.

  • My love affair with goat videos continues. These are all remixes of TSwizzle’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Click here. You won’t regret it.
  • I used to work retail and reading this post reminded me of how awful it really was.
  • I really wish someone would have shown me this compilation during my freshman year of college.
  • This is going to make you sad that you aren’t rich and don’t live in these places.
  • As a healthier option, these no bread sandwiches look amazing.
  • I really want to try this on my hair. Not sure if it will work considering mine is stick straight but for you Curly Q’s out there, this looks beautiful.
  • I’m still laughing at this. People who were “caught sleeping” by their babe.
  • For all the 20-somethings applying for jobs and feeling frustrated, at least none of these resumes are yours.
  • For all of my flower children out there, this website is dedicated to tracking all of the music festivals this summer. Genius idea. Why didn’t someone do this sooner?
  • This is my new 5 minute dance party song. A hundred o’s and x’s to you my friends.

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