I Have Stepped Down as President of Funemployment LLC


Today is the day I tender my resignation with Funemployment LLC. We had a good run for our 3 months together. Whenever I’m sad or stressed, I’ll look back at those memories and cherish them.

Today is also the day I start my new big girl job as an assistant at a PR agency in LA. Can I get an AMEN?


It was almost exactly two months ago that I posted about starting my job search. Today is the day it ends because someone has put some faith in me and decided to hire me.

As my last will and testament as President of Funemployment LLC, I would like to take this time to thank the people and things that made my time at Funemployment memorable. You all mean the world to me.

  • Sleep. Thank you for allowing me wake up at 9am every morning because I didn’t have anywhere important to be.
  • Quinoa and beans. I ate a lot of you as President of Funemployment. Thank you for being cheap.
  • Pinterest. Thank you for giving me beautiful pictures to drool over even though I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to afford any of it.
  • Netflix. Thank you for being my best friend when all of my other friends were busy having lives from 1pm-6pm.
  • Wine. Thank you for helping me feel less stressed out when I was lying on the cold hard ground and thinking I would only amount to a homeless person who lived under the Santa Monica Pier.
  • Buzzfeed. Thank you for providing me with pointless information that kept me busy and laughing all day.
  • Tumblr. Thank you for being ridiculous and providing me with a copious amount of GIFs and language that I quote in real life and no one else seems to understand.
  • Bubble baths. Thank you for being the 8th wonder of the world. I’m sorry for not appreciating you earlier in life.
  • The couch. Thank you for being comfortable and accepting me for the lazy human being I am.
  • Finally, this blog. Thank you for accepting my word vomit when no one else within the confines of my apartment would hear me. (Because I live alone. Unless you count the radio but I don’t do that unless I’m having a really bad day.)

Now is the time to go onwards and upwards. Here’s to new posts documenting the life of a 20-something assistant. Those should be interesting. Stand by.

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