I (Should Have Been) Feelin’ 22


I have a few things in my life that I love with an unbreakable passion. I did not choose them, they chose me. One of these things happens to be Taylor Swift. I admit openly that I’m a superfan, always have been. You can hate her, that’s totally fine with me but for some odd reason I’ll always love her. Because of this love, I have to talk about this music video. I just have to. It’s my job as a closet Taylor Swift superfan to talk about it.

Background on my relationship with Taylor Swift: she hooked me in with her songs when she first started out. I was only a wee 15-year-old in high school. I totally did the “OH MY GOD she’s singing about MY LIFE and she is MY AGE and she could be my BEST FRIEND. Taylor, I LOVE YOU.” I’ve even met Taylor. When I was 17 years old and she opened for Rascal Flatts and I met the then 18-year-old Taylor Swift complete with curly ringlets, tons of eyeliner, a sparkly dress and cowboy boots. In case you were wondering how that interaction went it was basically like a lost child from a 3rd world country seeing Oprah for the first time. In 2010, I went to Taylor’s Fearless tour and it still continues to be one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been to (mostly because of how deep my love for her ran). I danced, cried and alternated between screaming out the lyrics and I LOVE YOU TAYLOR.

I am now 7 years into this relationship with her and the love doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Even when I get mad at her for doing stupid things like acting like a 12 year old when she’s going through a breakup or attempting to do dance breakdowns in the middle of her performances (not a good look for her), I still find a way to love her again. It’s things that she says in interviews or how awkward she can be or when I hear Love Story that I ask myself how I could ever be angry with her in the first place.

After a weird patch of time with her departure into country/pop/dubstep (I Knew You Were Trouble), Miss Swift is slowly returning to what she knows she’s good at. I’m fairly certain 22 is going to be the summer anthem of 2013. I can already hear “you don’t know about me but I bet you want toooooooo” blaring out of cars driving down PCH.

It might have a lot to do with the fact that I’m turning 22 in a few weeks but I can’t get enough of the song. It’s fun, catchy and basically describes my life at the moment which has always been my biggest connection to Taylor. It’s like she’s my own little spirit animal who gives me songs as I move through my teenage and now young adult years. 22 grabs you and says “I’m going to go hang out with my girls and dance and laugh and have a great time because I’m young and awesome and no matter how much some things suck it’s all going to be alright because at the end of the day I’m only 22 and I can fix something (or run away and start over) if I royally fuck it up.” And I love that message. Because that’s about 83% of what I’m currently doing with my own life.

To Taylor: I love you. Keep doin’ your thing girl. You’re rich and beautiful and young, also known as the trifecta. I’ll always come back to you no matter what because as a young, weak and easily influenced 17 year old, you molded my mind and taught what it meant to be Fearless and I believed it with every fiber of my being. (I still kind of do.) Thank you for that.

Just for fun, here’s my word vomit while watching the 22 music video for the first time. Excuse me, my superfan is showing.

  • Someone tell me where she got the “not a lot going on at the moment” shirt. Because I should have been wearing it everyday when I was President of Funemployment LLC. Seriously.
  • I like flipping my hair and eating cake with hipster glasses too.
  • I hang out in the kitchen with my friends too.
  • I sing into forks too.
  • I have party poppers too.
  • I wear oversized sweaters at the beach too.
  • I sit on rocks at the beach and ponder my life too.
  • I like stomping on heart shaped pinatas too.
  • Ooooh Taylor girlfriend don’t jump on a trampoline with shoes. PARTY FOUL.
  • I wore a headband like Taylor’s yellow one. Today actually. LITERALLY TODAY. Did you get yours at Topshop too Taylor?! WE ARE TWINS.
  • I like dressing up like a cat and making weird cat noises too.
  • I dance like a fool/try to look gangsta at parties too.
  • I would NOT ride that bike. I would like to live to see 23.
  • I’ve jumped into a pool like that too. BECAUSE I’M FEELIN 22 TOO.

Conclusion: Taylor, we have the same dance moves and I’m slightly offended you didn’t call me to be in the music video with you. You filmed in Malibu and I could have totally been there in 33 minutes with no traffic. But I still love you obviously.

Friends of Sarah: you already know this but I’m saying it again. When I turn 22 in a few weeks prepare yourselves because I will be singing 22 all.week.long. BECAUSE I’LL BE FEELING 22 FOR THE NEXT YEAR OF MY LIFE. Gear up.


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