A Popstar, A Drive In Movie and San Diego


Do you ever have one of those really really good weekends? Those weekends when you’re with people you love and you get to do really awesome things and the best part is that none of it was really planned beforehand, you kind of make up the plans as you go along. Those are my favorite kind of weekends.

Friday night I saw the Adam Levine Show Maroon 5 at Staples Center. The fun part was that I didn’t know I was going until about 3 hours before the show. The important thing was that I got there and the show ended up being absolutely incredible. I danced and sang a lot because I know most all of the words to all of their songs. I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out I’m a closeted Maroon 5 superfan. My dancing got more than a few weird stares but honestly, if you don’t let loose at a concert why even pay the money to go? You go to a show to be entertained and when I’m entertained I usually decide to get down with the get down.

Maroon 5

Adam Levine has the voice of an angel. But the best part of the show was the fact that they played a bunch of their old stuff. I’m talking like This Love, I Won’t Go Home Without You and She Will Be Loved. They played She Will Be Loved ACOUSTIC. I’ve been waiting to hear that song live since I was 15 years old. I got a little emotional – translation I cried. Real tears people. Real tears.

Saturday I spent in Orange County for one of my best friend’s birthdays. (Hi Haylie.) She wanted to go to a drive in movie to ring in her 22nd year of life so that’s exactly what we did. We saw Oz The Great and Powerful followed by Safe Haven. A double feature from the comfort of your vehicle for only $7. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck. Plus we got to talk/scream/laugh freely without feeling like we were bothering others.

Sunday the 3 amigos decided last minute to head to San Diego for a beach day. I haven’t been to San Diego in a few months and when we got there, I couldn’t understand why I haven’t gone back sooner. To me, San Diego is in the running for my favorite city in California. I love the weather, the vibe, the people, the food, just everything in general. I had a blast and driving away from Pacific Beach was one of the most painful things I’ve done in quite some time.

While at the beach I had quite a bit of “reflect on my life” time so be expecting a new chapter in the Twenty-Something series sometime this week.

I hope you spent your weekend outside and soaked up some UV rays. (I think the back of my legs soaked up a little too much.) I’m not much of a St. Patrick’s Day celebrator but I had a green beer in honor of my non-existent Irish ancestors, so I feel like I did my due diligence.

Green Beer


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