Looking Forward To: Music in 2013


2013 music

We’re only into March and already 2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for music, at least Sarah’s kind of music. If I had to describe it, I think my personal taste would be pop/rock with country roots. 2013 seems like the resurgence of some of the pop world’s favorite artists. Everyone loves a good comeback, and it’s about damn time for some of these people to make a move.

Music is one thing I usually can’t contain myself for. An artist announces a tour or releases a single or finally gives an album release date and I lose it. I LIVE for new music, especially when it’s one of my favorite artists who’ve been on hiatus for a while (I’m looking at you Timberlake).

But better yet, TOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS. Catching a show is probably in my “top 5 favorite things to do in life” list. I love being at a show and being able to physically feel the music. It’s hard to explain but I just feel like I can connect to songs on a completely different level when I experience them live. If the artist is really an artist, you can feel what they are trying to convey in the song when they sing live. And isn’t that the entire point of music?

I’ve made a little giant list of beautiful things that are (so far) announced to happen in the next year. Bear with me, my fangirl is starting to show. (Warning: the first three artists mentioned are 3 of my all time favorites, no questions asked. That’s why I talk about them like they sound god-like. Because in my world, that’s exactly what they are. John, Stevie and Shania I love you with an unconditional burning love. Forever and always.)

  • John Mayer: My main man, my music soulmate, my everything. John has just announced his first tour in 3 years after recovering from a serious throat illness. But the music gods have cast a halo around Mr. Mayer’s head and healed him. His tour kicks off in April and ends at the Hollywood Bowl in October. You bet your ass I’m going to be at that show, probably crying real tears when he sings Gravity and Stop This Train. I love you John.
  • Fleetwood Mac: It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love Fleetwood Mac, specifically Stevie. She’s everything I love about music. Her voice is amazing, her lyrics on a level that is unattainable and she just is her music. Fleetwood Mac (minus Christine McVie) have reunited for a summer tour that kicks off in April and hits LA in late May, early June. It’s one of my lifelong dreams to see Stevie in the flesh so I’m pretty sure it would be the situation where I merely catch a glimpse of her and cry on contact. The love runs that deep.
  • Shania Twain: Shania was my first true music love. She is the first artist I ever remember listening to as a child, the first artist I remember dancing to, the first artist I remember learning the lyrics to. All of this translates to her basically being my all around music queen. When she announced her run at Caesar’s in Vegas I started crying. Real tears, no exaggeration. She would be another case of the insta-tears on contact of seeing her. I know every word to every one of her songs ever recorded. No joke. I have until the end of May to see her. Anyone wanna buy me an early birthday/graduation gift?
  • Justin Timberlake: He’s baaaaack. 6 years later JT comes back with a new album that kicks basically everyone’s ass right now. Each song is, on average, 7-8 minutes long and I have no problem with it whatsoever. As long as he keeps singing in that falsetto he can do whatever he damn well pleases. JT is on tour with Jay-Z this summer and of course it’s called “Legends of the Summer.” Staples Center obviously wasn’t big enough for the Legends so instead, they will be playing the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Oh and in case you missed the announcement, the second installment of the 20/20 experience is coming later this year. 10 songs now, 10 songs later. Get it? Good one Justin.
  • OneRepublic: I’ve always had a huge amount of love and respect for OneRepublic’s front man, Ryan Tedder. He made it first as a songwriter for huge pop songs like “Bleeding Love” and “Halo” and then formed OneRepublic because he felt he needed another outlet for the songs he wrote that didn’t fit with any other artist and might not cut it on mainstream pop radio. Their album “Native” drops next week and I CANNOT wait. Tedder is another person who I feel is somehow connected to my musical soul. His lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks when I least expect it and no matter how many times I listen to a OneRepublic song, I find something new I love about it.
  • The Eagles: Just announced an 11 date tour appropriately titled “History.” Tragically, there are no California dates or I would have gladly gone with my father. Talk about the ultimate father daughter bonding.
  • Beyonce: Queen B is about to make her massive comeback. She’s already announced a huge tour, signed a bazillion dollar deal with Pepsi and announced a partnership with H&M. I’m just sitting back, sipping on my wine, waiting for her to announce the date of the new album. Be ready, because it’s coming. I can feel it in my bones.
  • Tegan & Sara: I definitely missed the angsty Tegan and Sara era from a few years ago (I think it was slightly before my time) but I jumped on the train just in time for the comeback. The new album Heartthrob came out at the end of January and has still remained in the car ride rotation. So many dance pop anthems that you can help but scream the lyrics to them. Do yourself and your ears a favor and listen. My personal fave right now is Drove Me Wild.
  • Bruno Mars & Ellie Goulding: Bruno and Ellie are touring together. Not the most expected pairing but can you just imagine how amazing that show would be? Bruno all soulful and jazzy and Ellie doing her electro pop awesomeness. Killer.
  • Twenty One Pilots: 2 guys from Columbus who put on a crazy live show. Their album kicks ass too. You should go check out the Guns For Hands video, it’s my favorite song. I lost it when they played it as the encore at the show at the Troubadour. Check them out now before they blow up. It’s only a matter of time.
  • Maroon 5: I hit their tour this past weekend and talked about it here. It was amazing. Adam Levine is full of himself but what rockstar isn’t? Plus he has the voice of an angel and sang She Will Be Loved to me. Just me. In the entire Staples Center I know he was singing just to me.
  • One Direction: I can’t forget about my favorite boy band now can I? The British boys will be invading America this summer on their Take Me Home tour. Tickets are already outrageously overpriced on Stub Hub but I have faith I will get to see my 5 adorable Brits in early August. I have to or else how will Harry Styles know he’s going to have my children?
  • Paramore: THEY ARE FINALLY BACK. The second single is out and I’m obsessed. It’s called Still Into You and you should listen to it right now now now. Guaranteed to be stuck in your head after one listen. Hayley Williams has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard.
  • Haim: Three sisters from The Valley here in LA who are completely amazing. If you haven’t listened to them, watch this RIGHT NOW. I love them and can’t wait for their first full album.
  • Katy Perry: It’s rumored Katy’s new album will drop this year and she keeps tweeting out lovely pictures of being in the studio. It’s about time since we’ve been listening to Teenage Dream for a solid 3 years now. I’m ready for a new Katy takeover to happen like….NOW.
  • Britney Spears: The princess of pop has been back in the studio ever since X Factor wrapped. I’m very excited to see what Mz. Spears brings back to the table with this being the resurgence of the 90s and 00s artists.
  • Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran: Taylor just set off on her RED tour earlier this week and took Mr. Sheeran with her as her opening act. TSwizzle will be playing giant venues and arenas all summer long and I’m saving up to try and hit one of her LA dates in August. As I mentioned in my post about Taylor last week, I will always love her. So naturally I have to go to this show. Ed being there is the absolute best bonus imaginable.

My body and ears are ready. Give it to me 2013. I’m READY.


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