TwentySeven Things: March 2013


I’m a day late but it’s okay. Here are my TwentySeven things for March.

twenty seven

  1. Netflix became my best friend.
  2. I rediscovered my love of Girls Aloud. This song is still my jam.
  3. Mr. Timberlake came back to music. I’m still trying to get ahold of myself.
  4. OneRepublic’s new album JUST came out and it’s amazing and Ryan Tedder is my lyrical soulmate. (Post next week)
  5. I saw Maroon 5 at the Staples Center and cried to She Will Be Loved.
  6. John Mayer announced a tour. My man is back.
  7. Bachelor Sean finally chose a finance and now I have to wait until May until my Monday nights have purpose again.
  8. I started my own Etsy shop!
  9. I wrote a semi-long word vomit about Soulmates and what they mean to me.
  10. I learned how to poach an egg. It was a big step for me.
  11. TSwizzle’s video for 22 came out and I should have been in it.
  12. I went down to San Diego for a burn run trip and left my heart there. For the third time.
  13. My “I want to run away” impulse is back in action and going at full speed.
  14. I went to a drive in movie for the first time ever.
  15. I saw Spring Breakers and am still trying to figure out why the hell I spent money on it.
  16. I bonded with the post office man over Catholic school.
  17. My post made it on the Love Twenty home page.
  18. I became very thankful for the nice man at Starbucks by LACMA.
  19. I had to change my shirt for an interview in a stairwell because all of the bathrooms were locked.
  20. I got scared shitless in a parking lot by one of my best friends. Then she started to sing Rihanna’s “Stay.”
  21. I went to the Simply Stylist event in LA and got a free swag bag.
  22. I made a new lyric painting! Taylor Swift is finally on my wall, it was long overdue.
  23. I went to the Studio City farmers market. And found my new obsession: Cara cara oranges.
  24. There is this bar on Wilshire and La Cienega called The Phoenix. THEY HAVE SHUFFLEBOARD AND CONNECT 4 TO PLAY AT THE BAR IT’S THE BEST.
  25. I made a website.
  26. I made business cards and I’m kind of in love with them.
  27. I’ve had a realization on finding your right fit in an environment over the past few days. I’m still trying to figure out how to verbalize what I’m trying to say but when I do, you guys will be the first to hear it.

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