A Very Hollister Easter

All of my years of Catholic school are finally paying off.

All of my years of Catholic school are finally paying off.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend whether you went to church or not (the closest I got to church was driving past the parking lot to see how many cars were parked in the fields).

My weekend was filled with family time, glorious food and lots of laughter which total up to my three favorite things. Two of my friends from LA came home with me and received the full Hollister experience including eating dinner at the local Saloon, looking at cows, eating authentic Mexican food for Easter lunch and meeting my immediate and extended family. It’s nice to just check out of reality for a little while and go home.

This weekend I realized how much your family and hometown shape who you are. The two friends who came home with me told me, “your personality makes so much more sense now that we see you with your family.” I guess I didn’t realize just how much sass, sarcasm and fire I get directly from them.

As promised on Friday, here are my eggs that I decorated. I think they turned out okay minus one experimental egg that was dyed first orange, then blue, then green. The color combination comes out to booger green if you were wondering. (The egg is not pictured because it’s hideous.) Excluding the booger green egg, my batch turned out beautiful and I had a little too much fun decorating them. Until next year Easter, you rock don’t ever change.

eggs 2013

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